Long Term Medical
Short Term Medical

Domestic life and health insurance in USA

Short Term Health Insurance
If you are between jobs, waiting for insurance to start at new job, recently laid off, new graduate or for any new temporary situation, you need short term or temporary health insurance.

Long Term Health Insurance
If you don't get health insurance through an employer, or you prefer to get your own private health insurance for yourself or your family, you should look into long term health insurance. They are PPACA (Obamacare) compliant plans.

Group Health Insurance
If you are an employer, and would like to offer health insurance benefits to your employer, you can purchase group health insurance for groups of 5 or more employees.

Life Insurance
You can purchase life insurance as long as you are US resident, no matter whether you are US citizen, green card holder, temporary work or international student or their dependents. In some cases, it might be possible to get life insurance even if you are just a tourist to the US. You can get either term life insurance or universal life insurance.

Please note that all products are not available in all states.